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There is never a dull moment in Fire City Church.
It’s a high level of miracle and spiritual Impartation meetings.

Saturdays 5:30 pm - Prophetic Night of Answer
Sundays 5:30 pm - Miracle and Prophetic Impartation Gathering


Fire Leadership  Academy is our ministry development platform and its goal is raising leaders to influence world system, It’s a place where leaders are made, Any man aiming at success first starts with the desire to become a leader. Successful men all over the world today are a leader that is why they are successful in their endeavors. It’s a place where future businessmen, entrepreneurs, Church consultants, Church Administrators etc., are trained. 

We are dedicated to Training, Equipping and Releasing Leaders to fulfill their “Divine Destiny” in God and taking the Gospel to the Nations through Church Planting, International Missions, and Global Outreach.

We believe in the ministry of Signs, Wonder and Miracles as this is the Lord inheritance in us and our inheritance in Him, Jesus said that if we believe in Him, we would do greater work than Him (John 14:12) and that in our “union with Him” as He is, so are we in the world (1 John 5:17)

The academy will be admitting students in November 2019.

The Leadership Academy is an arm of Fire City Church Shepherd by Apostle Great Chukwu. 

Fire School of The Supernatural - Coming Soon

Fire City Bible Institute - Coming Soon


We are not just a school; we care for your Spiritual Nourishments. Be informed, you can’t be deformed.


There are many ministry opportunities at Fire City Church and we would love to have you serving with us! A ministry volunteer is defined as an individual who freely gives their time and talents to assist Fire City Church in the accomplishment of its mission without expectation or receipt of financial compensation.

God commands all His Children to serve You benefit from the ministry that's serving you.

Spiritual gifts are to be used in service to other
The Church is properly built well when all members are serving.
Serving allows you to enhance your own spiritual development
Serving helps to keep you humble Serving others is the tangible demonstration of your love and gratitude towards God.
Your service creates a stronger means through which God can continue to minister to you.
You reflect the character of Jesus Christ through serving You glorify God through your faithful service.

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